A student's view

Westhill Academy student Sean Stewart (15) joined us this week for work experience. He spent the bulk of the week in the Creative department and got a glimpse of life in a busy company. Here's his observations in his own words:


Today was my first day. I was feeling a bit nervous as I did not really know what to expect but still I was looking forward to it. Scott and I were the first people there. He showed me around the place, which was really nice, clean and fresh. When people arrived I said hi and got introduced. Everyone was really friendly and nice. Scott, Jackie (Designer) and Ross (Programmer) got me started on CodeAcademy - an online tool to help learn web programming. I had done a bit of it before but it really helped me understand how websites work.

After lunch Scott gave me a brief on a new project. It was to design and make a website for a property in Spain. I got started straight away. I took some notes from the brief Scott gave me and started drawing wireframes of how the website could look. I found it quite tough to think of ideas for the website, but once I got started I was fine. I really enjoyed my first day and liked doing new things different from school.

My desk for the week


Scott and I were the first people in again and Scott went to do his work while I continued on my wireframes of the website. After everyone was in Jackie showed me illustrator, which is a program AVC Immedia use to design. That was really fun because I had never seen or used Illustrator before. I used it to make my wireframes for the site. After a while Scott called a group meeting. The meeting was about a website and an app that needed to be designed for a really famous sports client. Once the meeting was over Scott told me to research other apps like the one we were creating. So I went on my computer and went to the Google play store and Apple App store. I looked at all the apps I could find and all their reviews. I took down notes of all the things people liked and features they wish they had. Then the day was over and everyone went home. The best thing about today was that I learned a new program.


Like always Scott and I were the first people in. Straight away I got started at more research and took more notes. Later Scott called me in his office and asked what I had found out. I told him everything I had learned and he said that I had done a good job, which I was happy about. Scott then told me to try and make the wireframes and design for the website along with the app. I was excited to get back on the computers and use Illustrator. I did that for a bit and Scott told me to get ready to meet one of AVC Immedia's clients - Elevator.

Me, Scott and Steve (one of the audio-visual team members) drove to Elevator’s office in the Bridge of Don. Their office was pretty cool and neat. We spoke for a bit. It was fun going out and seeing the other companies and people. When we got back Scott and Spencer had a telephone meeting with Bruno Brookes, who used to be a Radio 1 DJ and now runs his own company. I sat in on that. It was interesting hearing them speak about their ideas and thoughts. The project was about something global but I'm not allowed to write it here. After that I continued working on ideas for the website. The end of the day quickly came again and we went home.


Today was a busy day for Scott and he was in meetings most of the day. When we got in I started adding colour and pictures to the wireframes and tried to make it look nice. I was trying out all the different things on illustrator and it was good when I found something out that I didn’t know before. I watch around the office as everyone was talking and doing their work. I really liked how the office felt, as everyone was talking and bouncing their ideas off each other doing the best job they could for their clients. AVC is a really busy place with lots of clients coming and going. I was really surprised by just how many different clients want different things. There is so much going on.

When I got to the end of the website project, I showed Scott and he said it was good. I also liked that everything was positive and there wasn’t negative things said about mine and other peoples work. Once I decided I was finished I went back on to CodeAcademy and finished the HTML and CSS course. I was happy that I finished it and had the website at the end. Tomorrow will be my last day which I was I kind of sad about because I quite like working at AVC.


When Scott and I got in I started writing this blog. I took some images off the Internet and finished the blog. Scott told me that I was going to speak with the 3D and animation team downstairs, which I was excited about as that is the kind of work I would like to go into. Rob (3D and animation team member) showed me some of AVC's 3D work. It was really cool and interested me. Rob told me about the programs they use and what kind of work they do. I really liked seeing the 3D stuff and how it was different to the work of the design team. After that I continued writing my blog. When lunchtime came I went over the road and had a cheese toastie it was very fine. Now I have to hand in this blog to Scott. I’ve had a good time at AVC and enjoyed learning how to use Illustrator.

I have really enjoyed my work at AVC Immedia and think that working here would be quite hard but also fun and challenging. Everyone is very nice and helpful. Maybe one day I will be back here.

Sean Stewart

Work Experience student