​All it needed was a Squirtle

For a few years now we have had our own Augmented Reality (AR) technology that allowed clients to bring 3D models to life and trigger video with a logo. We always have a handful of clients who love new tech and are willing to try different approaches and when they used AR always caused a stir at exhibitions and sales meetings.

It was a tricky sell though as clients had never really seen anything like it before and despite imagination being the only limitation, they struggled to find a way to fit it into their marketing approach.

However in the last two weeks the world has gone AR crazy thanks to PokémonGo. The free-to-download game is the most popular implementation of AR that I have seen and clients are now calling us up, asking how they can use it. Players walk round their neighbourhoods tracking down elusive monsters like Squirtle which appear overlaid on the real world around them.

It’s really refreshing after years of knocking on people’s doors about AR to find them knocking on ours and very soon we’ll be able to show some great examples of what can be achieved with video, animation and a little bit of technical genius.

If you are interested in using Augmented Reality to boost your business, get in touch.

Scott Graham

Studio Manager