AV installation at Grandholm Mill

Relocating to our new premises at Grandholm Mill, we wanted an office unlike any other that would incorporate the latest and most advanced technology to showcase our range of services. Our audiovisual team set a brief to fully kit out our office with complete audiovisual solutions, covering every aspect from lighting and sound, HD screens and collaboration systems to video communication technologies.

To fulfil our own brief we started by fitting out our boardroom with a Sony 4K resolution 65” display, StarLeaf videoconference equipment, discreet speakers and an AMX room control system to simplify the control of every aspect in the room. This includes the display, video calls, lighting and sound, enabling room users to have full command over every function in the room with ease, avoiding the use of multiple controls and cables.

Our meeting room was also installed with Barco ClickShare, which lets multiple users display their visual content at the click of a button. This full featured, wireless presentation system means that our clients can avoid complications when setting up multiple presentations during meetings and not only reduces the clutter of any wires and cables, but also reduces set-up time.

Another important factor our team considered was the ability to offer desktop videoconferencing. As many of our clients are located out with Aberdeen it is important that we can communicate with them effectively and to achieve this, HD video conferencing systems were also set-up within our offices to allow our teams to carry out meetings without having to leave their desks.

We also have a demonstration area in our AV office at Grandholm, including a SMART Room Lync System. This is a single integrated solution for audio, video and data collaboration which allows our teams to provide live and interactive updates to our clients on projects, ensuring more efficiency in our planning, delivery and ultimately, time and cost savings for our clients.

Our new office is unique and unlike any other in the North East, showcasing only the most advanced and innovative solutions, proving that  ‘Everything is Possible.’

Graeme McGuire

AV Operations Manager