Better online advertising

Many companies are familiar with using Google Adwords to improve their online visibility but what else is there for those of you with a more ambitious streak? What if you want more than just text-based, paid search results?

We use an approach called programmatic advertising to give our clients display ads (Image rich and animated), tightly targeted to their audience on relevant sites around the world.

We have access to more than 35 leading Ad Exchanges which cover more than 97% of available online ad space in Europe, America and beyond.

How it works

Programmatic buying is simply using software to purchase digital space. This automates what was an admin-heavy process and gives the client full control over their budgets and targeting. With our system we simply upload your advertising, set your budget, work out where best to target and then hit a button to give you massive online coverage via 35 ad exchanges. We then provide full analysis and reporting allowing you to track every sale generated by the campaign.

Our system also allows you to use techniques such as Retargeting - where ads seem to 'follow' the user from site to site.

This data driven approach will drive sales for your business and the reporting can clearly demonstrate an ROI. The more you spend, the more you can make.

If you feel your advertising budget is not delivering enough of a return, get in touch and let us show you what we can do.

Scott Graham

Creative Studio Manager