Collaboration Systems: Saving costs & optimising production

As the Oil and Gas industry experiences the throes of a difficult year, and the effects of the oil price continues to be a hot topic across North East headlines, it would be no surprise that organisations may delay investment in audiovisual markets.

However, despite these challenges, our audiovisual department has seen continued investment in the last three years with a growing interest for collaboration systems, as companies are realising the fundamental importance in optimising business production.

With the effects of the downturn, the interest for collaboration systems are becoming a realistic option for businesses as they capitalise on the reduction of expenditure and project time, both of which have become the driving force behind strategic decision making.

Collaboration systems are also playing a much more important role in external communications providing clients with the ability to interact and share vital information in real-time. Where many meetings require travel, time and accommodation, high quality video conferencing and remote communications technology can eliminate these costs; bringing together external partners to help streamline work processes, any time and anywhere.

Businesses are not only reaping the cost-saving benefits but are using collaboration systems to address business processes and behaviours for a long-term solution. Colleagues are provided with the ability to collaborate and share ideas in a business environment, where progress can be identified and monitored. New technologies are also being used to help businesses share vital information during exploration.

AVC Immedia is able to support clients at a time where increased production and efficiency are paramount. We provide collaboration systems that help bring employees together to complete tasks and achieve business goals through the use of internal and external systems. Utilising the latest in technologies and working with the best manufacturers, we assist your business in decision making, collaboration workflow and keep your business connected.

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Graeme McGuire, AV Operations Manager