Digital Signage sandwich success

We recently got our teeth into a groundbreaking project in conjunction with PB Devco, for their Union Street eatery 'So...'.

They were keen on using high-definition digital displays to show off their delicious food and let customers know the prices and customisation options. Since their ingredients are fresh, they wanted to be able to change the menus quickly when their ingredients were out of stock or if they had on daily specials.

AVC Immedia recommended the very latest Sony Displays that included HTML5 support. This allowed us to build their signage as if it was a website, including complete updatable imagery and pricing. They can respond immediately to customer needs and have daily specials and seasonal offers beautifully presented in their branding.

Next time you are hungry, pop into So... and take a look!

P.S. We heartily recommend the pulled pork!

Scott Graham

Design Studio Manager