The past and the future

As we settle in to our new offices at Grandholm Mill, we have been reflecting on the history of the building and how it relates to AVC Immedia.

Grandholm Works was set up as a flax spinning mill in 1792 and after a chequered existence, was taken over by J&J Crombie in 1859 where they made fabric for the famous Crombie Jackets.

The much envied reputation of Crombie Jackets was attributed to the fact the cloth was made using only the highest quality wool. The cloth was not cheap as there were a number of complex and varied technical processes used to get it to a finished state.

Over 150 years later, we are moving in to that same Mill to follow in the footsteps of the doffers, loomers and finishers - working hard as a team and using complex technology in order to create something beautiful, useful and highly prized.

Within the walls of the Grandholm Mill the echoes of the past will inspire us to continually develop our craft and deliver the very best for our clients. Our future will owe a lot to this magical building's history.

The Spittal wabsters qiiat their looms.

The Gran'holm queans their reelin rooms,

To shak' their hochs and knack their thooms.

At the Bridal o' Balgownie.

John Imlah

Scott Graham

Design Studio Manager