Another article about the Oil Price

It's a well-worn trope for writers in Aberdeen - you write about the oil price when its up, you write when its down. Press releases all seem to begin with 'Despite the falling ...' or 'Due to the rising..'

So let's all just agree that the oil price goes up and down and it can be a good thing and a bad thing. Great. Now let's move on.

How can your business survive this constant change? As well as addressing the basic financial tasks such as streamlining all your overheads, closely tracking cash-flow and chasing debtors, re-evaluating your messaging can improve your bottom line.

We would say that though wouldn't we?

Yes. But it works.

A benefit-led, clear proposition will help you secure more business, so re-assess your public facing communications - Advertising, print materials, website, social media etc., and ask if it truly reflects your customers current needs. Have a think about what satisfied clients have said about your business and think about if that message is getting across to potential clients. Very few companies can survive on brand-strength alone, so make sure you have something else to say.

Of course there is much more to it than that so to discuss your company's messaging in more depth, get in touch.

Scott Graham

Design Studio Manager