Our Strapline
the client
the brief

At the start of the year we decided it was time to reconsider AVC Immedia’s strapline following our relocation to the Grandholm Mill and the expansion of our current portfolio. Whilst our previous strapline ‘Creative.Content.Delivered’ had been effective, we felt it had dated and didn’t provide a true representation of our services. We wanted to create a strapline that would provide existing and new clients with a true representation of AVC Immedia and the services which we provide.

our solution

Beginning with a discovery process our design team came together to reconsider the brand strapline. We conducted market research and a brand analysis, from which we then discovered our brand news objectives. The design team worked together to develop an understanding of our entire company and the services which we provide to our clients.

With the information gathered from our research, our team created some new concepts which were later pitched to our management team for consideration. One of these new concepts was the strapline ‘Everything is Possible’, and whilst it was initially felt to be a bold statement, we agreed that in fact this was a true reflection of our business.

Being one of the most experienced and long-established companies within the North East of Scotland, we have worked on major projects and developed longstanding relationships with many clients. For every client, we have taken a unique approach and pushed the boundaries to provide a solution no matter how complex the work scope was. AVC Immedia has a realistic but ambitious approach to all projects and we aim to reach every client goal. This is why AVC Immedia’s new strapline is ‘Everything is Possible.’