Our Vision & Values
the client
the brief

In April 2014, AVC Immedia underwent a restructure and a minor rebrand. As part of that, it was felt that the company needed to clearly define what it was trying to achieve and the behaviours it expected from its staff, suppliers and clients. The creative team carried out an exercise to identify and communicate this.

our solution

Its difficult to foist a set of values onto a workforce and expect them to suddenly change behaviour. What we had to do was identify desirable traits that had guided the hiring process, giving AVC the brilliant team it currently has.

We asked the management team to define personal values, beliefs and behaviours they held from a large list. We then looked at the commonalities across all the results and distilled them down to a key set of values.

AVC’s shared values:

- We exude enthusiasm. We are enthusiastic about our clients, our work and our own personal development. Enthusiasm makes us creative and pushes us forward.
- We thrive within our team. Our clients are part of our team and their ambitions are our own. AVC Immedia is a team and we all share responsibility for the future.
- We embrace accountability and are confident in our decision-making.
- We value integrity and treat everyone fairly because this is the way we want to be treated.

We then widened out the research phase and sense-checked these with the whole team and it became apparent, that we all shared those values. This became our yard-stick by which to measure our own progress through appraisals and to guide future recruitment.

We still needed a unifying vision though and with a company as diverse in its services as AVC Immedia, this was not an easy task. On discussion of the values though it became clear that our team were all customer-focused, service-orientated people and the majority of the time, they just wanted to do good work that made the client happy.

This led to the line that became our vision 'To be the best part of our clients' day'.

Whether we are showing them the final edit of a video, their new installation of screens, or their new website, we want them to look forward to spending time with us.

That thought was one of the main drivers behind the move to Grandholm Mill and it drives us every day to improve our service.