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the client
the brief

Calum Napier, a rig worker from Aberdeen, approached us looking for assistance after being unable to organise a game of golf with workmates while he was back onshore. Calum and his friends were unable to schedule an afternoon together due to a clash in offshore work timetables. After weeks of emails, text messages and phone calls going back and forth, Calum felt frustrated that he and his friends could not arrange a suitable date to meet and had wasted a lot of time and effort trying to organise this.

Calum then came to us with an ingenious idea - an app that would be used by offshore workers to log their work schedules and share the information with family, friends and colleagues. An app that provides a solution to scheduling problems instantly. Calum approached us after hearing about our other successful app creations and asked us to make his idea a reality.

our solution

Our designers and developers were impressed with Calum’s concept. It was a simple solution to a recurring problem for many Oil & Gas professionals. Yet, in order for the app to succeed it needed as many people as possible to download and use it. As such the first stages of development required us to create a strong brand which would represent the app.

Our graphic designers and brand developers created a strong image and name to represent the project. We worked simultaneously in building the app along with a promotional website to accompany.

The promotional website is responsive and features many modern web design features such as parallax scrolling. The app itself is intentionally simple, and was done so to simplify the user experience.

Alongside the major objective of allowing people to show their availability to friends and family, we built in a feature which offshore workers can calculate their take-home wages with ease. In order to reach as wide an audience as possible, we created the app on both iOS and android operating systems and also released both a free version and a premium paid for edition.