the client
the brief

FIFA were looking to create a video series to complement the existing FIFA youth football development teaching manual. FIFA’s purpose for the video was the Promotion for the youth football development training in support of the teaching manual. FIFA wanted to capture each key training aspect of the skill sets required to develop youth football showcasing their state of the art facilities at the home of FIFA. 

our solution

AVC Immedia created and handled all pre and post production filming a full-length video on site. To adhere to the brief and keeping the target audience in mind a clear and positive tone ran through the videos, thus the visual style was engaging, credible and energetic. We Utilised different angles of filming and multiple cameras to create a much more in depth look at certain skills and techniques. The use of wearable camera technology to give the viewer a never seen before view from the players perspective was a first for this style of educational production.

The video was successfully deployed to not only inform but also showcase the variety of drills and exercises available to coaches and players at youth level. The feedback from all involved with the youth development program, member associations, FIFA instructors of course the participants themselves have been immensely positive. This has further strengthened our long-term relationship with FIFA showcasing our constant development in new creative techniques and the latest tech available. 

Services used

Video Production | 3D Animation