i and k motors
the brief

I&K Motors are an Inverurie-based car retailer with a great reputation in the North-East of Scotland. They understood that the buying habits of their customers had changed. No longer did most of their clients make their decisions on the forecourt - car buyers use the web to hone in on the right car, then go and test drive it. This has led to higher conversions for clients who walk in but it places a lot of importance on the website and the user experience. We were asked to improve their web presence to recognise these new buying habits.

our solution

I&K worked with a market research consultant to identify their strengths and unique selling points and we relied heavily on that information to plan the approach. We softened the approach, the language and the way the information was displayed in order to better serve non petrol-heads. The site was redesigned to work on a range of mobile devices as well and the content was laid out to encourage more scrolling, rather than making the user do the work of finding what they needed. Clear calls-to-action also help the user make their decision and get in touch with the friendly bunch at I&K.

We have also put in place technology that allows I&K to better understand the needs of their customers and builds up a profile of their activity on the site. This is then used to improve their interactions and foster a good relationship from the start. Other features due to go online soon include Live Chat and Service scheduling.

You can view the new site here.