Oil & Gas Skills Navigator
the client
the brief

OPITO were approached by several Oil & Gas industry stakeholders and tasked to create a portal which would provide information and offer advice to people interested in an Oil & Gas career. The portal would pull together a range of existing online information to provide a fair and balanced view of the opportunities available within the industry. The portal had to appeal to a wide spectrum of the public from school pupils, university graduates and leavers of the Armed Forces. We worked with OPITO to create something unique - the Navigator website.

our solution

For digital projects, we prefer to adopt a 'content first’ approach which ensures the final website design gives the user an effortless experience when using the site. With the amount of information available online, it would be easy to overwhelm the user or to assume they already had a level of knowledge. Our team researched the key groups of likely users and settled on the concept of a question-based user experience. This unlocked the theme for the whole site – a question-led journey showing related information only when the user needed it.

The name ‘Navigator’ reflects the idea that the client are offering a guided experience, rather than simply making the user do all the work. We also created a contextually aware widget which shows additional content relevant to what you are currently reading.

Cutting-edge techniques were also used to seamlessly add animated graphics into videos helping the user think of the right questions to ask. Our in-house video production team worked closely with our web team to deliver a remarkably smooth transition between graphics and filmed footage in the landing page of each subsection.

The site was launched during National Oil & Gas Skills Week and has received praise from all corners of the industry for being innovative, powerful and user-friendly.