opito train-r
the client
the brief

TRAIN-RWith many oil & gas industry staff working offshore and traveling across the world, OPITO wanted to create an application that would allow the offshore workforce to easily access their OPITO training records at the touch of a button.

OPITO required a mobile application that would help offshore workers ensure all safety and competency certifications were up-to-date. Previously staff could only access their documents and receive their certification information through contact with a training company or their employer and with this app, OPITO aimed to resolve this problem.

Our team were asked to help OPITO by designing and developing a mobile application that would help offshore workers access their records, anytime and anywhere.

our solution

With the advent of mobile technology, OPITO could deliver a solution to this problem through the use of a mobile app. Our developers worked with OPITO and Collabro to create a free mobile app named TRAIN-R. This app was designed to help workers, in any location, better plan and track their training and check their safety competency certifications as and when they required.

Connected to a centralised database, the app was designed in a way that would allow offshore workers to insert their Vantage number and receive their certification information. TRAIN-R was also designed to allow users to access contact information of training providers and centres nearest to them in over 40 locations.

Downloaded by thousands of offshore workers worldwide, TRAIN-R has now transformed the way certifications are viewed making this process easier and more accessible. TRAIN-R can be used on all mobile platforms and is available to download for free at the Apple store or Google Play.