the brief

The University of Aberdeen identified a need to produce a range of videos showcasing and promoting various areas within the University. We have a long and productive history with the University and were excited to be given the opportunity to film these new productions.

The brief was to be unique, clear and concise - they wanted the videos to be professional, engaging whilst also entertaining. All content was to be shot on the beautiful and historic setting of the University campus, and current students were to feature prominently.

Discussions and pre-production meetings were held throughout 2014, with scripts, storyboards and briefs issued to the client to ensure a smooth production process.

our solution

Our production managers devised a series of High Definition videos that focussed on numerous events scattered throughout the academic calendar. For example, we created a video to advertise the launch of the University's clothing and apparel range.

We also filmed a Coca Cola Happiness event, where a vending machine passed out prizes to students who hugged it. For this to work our film crew installed hidden cameras to capture a fly-on-the-wall experience. The video production team also made a series of holiday themed videos featuring students in a Vox-Pop style. For example on Valentine’s Day we asked students around campus for their perfect date ideas and at Christmas they were asked what makes the holidays special.

With a team of experienced and dedicated video makers we were able to quickly and efficiently produce the videos on time and to budget, ensuring that each key milestone in the production process was completed. After heavily investing in the latest editing and camera technology our team were able to put these to the test and showcase the high level of video production on offer at AVC.

The videos were used to promote the University of Aberdeen across numerous platforms. They could be shown at University events as well the University's website, YouTube channel and throughout their social media.

More videos can be viewed here:

Aberdeen Uni Sports Clothes

Aberdeen Uni Clothes Outdoors

Aberdeen University Branded Clothing Autumn/Winter 2014

It is always a pleasure to work with the team at AVC Immedia and they far exceeded expectations in terms of product, service and budget. AVC are great in understanding briefs and with the help of their video production services, have assisted in delivering sector leading initiatives that range from advertisements to event videos to viral videos.

Ken Mathew
Retail Manager, University of Aberdeen