the brief

To create a timing video to help with the teaching and instruction of timers across the sport of Curling.

AVC Immedia were approached to create a tactical and analytical video of the timing process within Curling. With a proven track record within the sports industry AVC were able to produce an educational production that covered all aspects of the timing process.

Training in timing is a critical part of Curling and the brief was to accurately demonstrate all of the many facets involved.

our solution

Working closely alongside the World Curling Federation, AVC identified all of the key areas and developed a through storyboard and brief. Utilising the market leading facilities at Curl Aberdeen allowed for a realistic backdrop whilst conveying the professionalism of the production.

Filming took place over one day and featured some of the sports top players who were able to complete the various exercises with speed and precision.

Multiple cameras were used to capture all angles and to ensure that every aspect of each end was captured to enable the viewer to follow the action as if it was a live event.

The finished video is to be used across the world to train, teach and educate timers of the future.

AVC Immedia have been a pleasure to work with. The finished result is smart, professional and made to budget. The Director of Competitions (Keith Wendorf), who commissioned it, is pleased.

Harold Forrester
World Curling Federation